Welcome To The Thomas Family Site
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Welcome To The Thomas Family Site

fun with Grandkids
What's going on??

Our Grandkids are here July 9th to the 16th!! we have played in the pool, played at Porter Park. floated the river. over all very fun times..

Happy 4th of July 2022

we had a great day, I went to our Ward 4th of July Breakfast provided our generator for power, cooked hash browns for all to eat.. Came home unloaded the generator power cables, cooking gear. Then started dinner for all of us 321 Ribs on on our Trager Smoker.. 6 racks of ribs, 3 different rubs. We had Will, Nikole, and Donna (Will's mom) Lambert. ...


I am deploying a new blog platform based upon Foundry Stack and the Alloy Stack.

This blog will be open to the Thomas Family members to add to


after 8 years of using LittleOak Hosting we have parted ways. Their support and outages over the last year has been far to much for me to continue using there services. Say hello to Javabean Hosting (run by Greg B a great asset to the RapidWeaver Community). The service is great! I only have one more site to move over then LittleOak is in the rear ...

Blog 2011

Getting all of our wifi to work as one! 22-01-2011, 06:52 Permalink I have about four wifi access points in our house all apple products. Here is my current break down 1 new time machine with dual networks, one time machine 802.11n, two apple expresses thanks to a great little e-book from the take control folks they are all playing nicely together. ...

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