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What's happening in 2023 to the Thomas Clan??

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Ok well lets catchup we had our shop building burn down on 11/23/22 at about 6:45 pm that day.. see the topper image.. the building is a total loss, we lost everything on the inside.. no one got hurt . Thank you Madison County Fire for coming out to our rescue, the roof of the building is now laying inside the structure. We are working with Farmers Insurance to complete the open claims processes. Health news I am using a new CGM device from eversense it is working wonderfully it sits under the skin in my arm and lasts for 6 months,, reading are accurate (much better than Libre 2 platform).

I have had an attack of kidney stones this month had surgery 2/2/23 that went well now just keep recovering LOL

Tuesday November 8th, 2022
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