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Welcome To The Thomas Family Site

What's Happening from 2007

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Okay it has been a couple of weeks since I updates the blog so here it goes. We had a great time at Jon and Jen's wedding (fast trip but good). I have posted all of the pictures I took at the wedding on the web our website.


I redid the web site so all of the family things are accessable from the homepage (no more linking to a back end site). Also we have a new look (a comic book theme, since my life feels like I live in one). So tell me what you think!

I met with the TNLA (Totem Lake Neighborhood Assocation) President (Lynda) and we redesigned most that site's web pages as well.

http://www.totemlakeneighborhood.org or http://www.totemlakena.org

We are now trying to get the County not to tear out the play equipment in our only local park in the area (it has been red tagged and they are removing it without replacing it). So we are as a group of citzens trying to get it replaced, you can check out our progress at http://www.northcountparkscoalition.org or http://www.northcountyparkscoalition.com

Work is nuts I can't wait for the end of the month so we can go on our cruise (Sue and I) to the eastern carribean for 8 days! I am busy trying to finish up work before we go. Jason built up a new linux server for school that lives on my home network, so that is fun. Cam has started back to school and has a math class. Every one else is enjoying their spring break.

So back to it I guess, this is all for now.

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