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Welcome To The Thomas Family Site

David Tomlinson's 80th Birthday slide show

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David's 80th

Just another Saturday...

My day starts with having to pull out a seat belt buckle out of the Expedition that has exploded (broken somehow). Off to Ford of Kirkland parts department 95.00 later the part is on order. Check the air in Nikki's tires all of extermely low. Filled them all back to 37 lbs. cleaned the custom wheels for her as well. Get the mail and got mail for my neighbors, delivered it to them. Jason and Lindsey are downstairs work on her homework together. Cam and Zach are playing video games together, Nikki is in her room doing what ever. Sue is a her service mission job at the distribution center behind the Seattle Temple. Hoping everything else go great for the rest of the day.. 

Weekends are just to short.  

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