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Getting all of our wifi to work as one! 22-01-2011, 06:52 Permalink I have about four wifi access points in our house all apple products. Here is my current break down 1 new time machine with dual networks, one time machine 802.11n, two apple expresses thanks to a great little e-book from the take control folks they are all playing nicely together. It looks like one single network that allows users to roam through out our home with ease I would recommend that you do a google search for the keywords "Take Control" they have lots of topics all of which are well written and full great information and tips. Go ahead give it a try. thor0128

New version of Rapid Cart 3 20-04-2011, 12:32 Rapid Weaver Permalink I got my monthly update from Omnidea news letter today and guess what the new version of RapidCart is out! Version 3 has the ability to use the new RapidLink product as well for digital downloads! Sweetness Right... thor0128

A great product for Mac users and iPhone users 13-04-2011, 20:37 Permalink I purchased pocketmacs Ringtone Studio back in febuary of 2010 I love this app I have made a ton of ringtones for my iPhone. It is a must have Mac app, it is worth the 20.00 I paid for it. thor0128

Back from the PCC 01-04-2011, 19:33 Permalink This week I was in Greenville South Carolina at the PCC event there. I got to hear about the new programs from Avaya for all of us partners. thor0128

Quick product review ZAGG invisible shield maximum for the iPad 2 03-05-2011, 19:00 Apple, iPad Permalink Okay if you have an iPad you need to spend $40.00 and buy the ZAGG Invisible Shield! It is really easy to put on your iPad it took me about ten minutes to put on the front and back shields. Man now I am protected! I love that my iPad back is now scratch protected. Got an iPad get this product. thor0128

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