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Well Franken Mac is back.. 07-02-2009, 07:46 Permalink Well I did it, backup most of my data, then inserted my MAC OS X 10.5 DVD booted it up and did a erase and install on the entire OS! That took like 40 minutes. Then the restoration began copying my files back went without an issue! I am totally back (Okay I have to reinstall Final Cut Pro 2, which is what I think was my issue). Man my MacBook Pro seems to be much faster! I love it! I am really digging iLife 09 it has some very cool features! Listening to Deep Purple this morning what a blast from the past..

iLife 09: iPhoto’s GPS and Faces is very cool stuff Garage Bands lessons is the greatest idea! I have downloaded and installed all of the free lessons iMovie 09 fixes the fubar that 08 had! It seems to be a bit faster as well. iWeb 09 still is a pile of junk (okay I use RapidWeaver for all of my web dev) but for a very beginner it might due, Apple needs to fix mobile me so PHP is supported then iWeb might have a chance to be something only for consumer web sights...

Just my first impressions of iLife 09! Going out to get iWork upgrade shortly..

I am using MacJournal to update my blogs man what a slick bit of kit... thor0128

iSkySoft products as a rip off! 27-03-2009, 09:22 WARNING SOFTWARE RIP OFF Permalink Okay if you are looking for video conversion software to windows or Mac don't buy ANYTHING From ISkySoft! They have lousy support, the web site says you can get a refund within 30 days of purchase this is a flat out lie! They send you to their refund policy that contradicts that statement! Basically they are ripping everyone off! DON"T EVEN VISIT THEIR SITE! There customer support is the worst, they cut and paste the same responses over and over! They clam they can handle DRM files (under Windows version) and convert them. Nope! lies and MORE Lies... Product Name: iSkysoft iMedia Converter for Mac Order Number: 284852 Created: 2009-03-27 00:23:09 Subject: Please I want a refund I was under the impression that this application could convert movies purchased via iTunes into DVD's, it does not work. That is why I purchased the product. Since it can't do what I need it too do please refund my purchase.

Author : glenn@glennthomas.us Created: 2009-03-27 11:19:59 wow you can cut and paste the same message... I did not do a free trial.. so again thanks for your poor CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! Author : glenn@glennthomas.us Created: 2009-03-27 10:38:32 Then if that is your stance, fine but you won't like what I will be blogging about your products.. your site is not clear.. I have several of your other products that I am removing as well. Thanks for nothing... iSkysoft your stuff is CRAP! I spent over 100.00 on your junk, and currently testing your beta software for MAC. Not any longer.. Good luck you will never get another piece of business... Author : Kevin Created: 2009-03-27 02:31:04 Hi, Thanks for contacting us. Generally , If the video is purchased from iTunes , they will be strictly protected with DRM , which is designed to prevent the video from being re-edited . And our program could not deal with them due to the strict DRM protection . Also , our website has stated clearly that the video with DRM protection is not supported . please have a look at our website . Thank you ! And here is our refund policy, http://www.moviesmac.com/support/refund-policy.html. Please have a look at it. may I ask have you tried the free trial before purchasing ? if so , you will find that the videos purchased from iTunes are not supported . And I am afraid that the request for refund is really difficult to be passed . Sorry about that ! Best regards!

http://www.moviesmac.com Rating Stars: thor0128

New Rapid Weaver release! New Plugin's too! 15-05-2009, 08:39 Apple, Mac Permalink Well Real Mac have released a new update (release) to my favorite web design tool Rapid Weaver! all I can say is WOW, man it is faster to upload sites, fast exports, lots of little bug fixes!

New Plugins for Rapid Weaver: Rapid Cart, a non PHP, MySQL shopping cart! Currently it is only working with Pay Pal but the developer are going to be adding more services. It is currently up to version 1.07.

Weaver FM A great Ajax Mollify file sharing plugin! Only one drawback is it does play well with I.E. 6 (okay what does) browsers, hey people upgrade all ready! thor0128

Just getting Mac Journal to work with my word press blog 11-06-2009, 15:34 Permalink I forgot I had this nifty little app Mac Journal! It lets me be free to blog right from my Mac Book Pro! Now I have it updating my blog on my website to boot.. Love it. thor0128

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