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In memory of Amber Rae and Beau Duke Thomas
The twins born to Brayton and Lexie Thomas 5.10.2020

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David Tomlinson's 80th Birthday slide show

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David's 80th

What's happening in 2018 September update

Ok it's been a while since I have update this blog... We have relocated back in late 2016 to Rexburg Idaho (ok out side of Rexburg). We have Zach and Nikole with us. Adam is living on our property as well since his divorce from Mindy (Mindy has remarried now), he is still working for Holtz. Nikole is working at DI in Rexburg looking for more permenate solution, she volunteers at the LDS Temple here in Rexburg. Zach is Zach, still finding out what he wants out of life, they both attend the local singles ward in Rexburg ( there are 5 singles wards in the building they attend). Cameron lives in Pocatello which is about 75 minutes away he is still working for Costco, we see him a few times a month when we pick him up for a visit. Chris is still in Kirkland WA working for the UPS Store where he is in management, he came and visited us this summer and spent a week with us, we took him out shooting while he was here it was a blast. Jason, Lindsey, David, Daniel, Julia and Cora the dog also came and visited in August for a week, they went fishing, shooting (even Lindsey got into shooting), to the aquarium, played in the pool. Just all around fun. Sue's sewing room is completed and she has moved into it, we need a bigger sewing room half of here stuff is still in the family room.. We replaced all of the basement windows this year in our home in Rexburg. We have had the shop roof repaired twice to the tune of $9400.00 dollars ($3800.00 dollars the first time that did not fix the leaking as promised) hopefully no more leaks this winter.. Sue is now having to take insulin (long acting) her sugars are now becoming more balanced. I am on a CGM (constant glucose monitoring) dexcom 5 system down to 2 finger pokes a day instead of 4 to 8 a day. My hearing has gotten a bit worst (too much rock and roll, I am guessing) so I am trying out hearing aids (nano's). I had several kidney stones removed that required surgery early this year, so taking meds to prevent them for returning. I am still having a few other medical issues hanging around since Jan 2015, but those I am living with. So life still goes on. I am going to be posting so more about different CGM platforms in the next week or so pluses and minuses so if you have diabetes you may want to look for those.

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