Welcome To The Thomas Family Site
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Welcome To The Thomas Family Site

Blog 2011

Getting all of our wifi to work as one! 22-01-2011, 06:52 Permalink I have about four wifi access points in our house all apple products. Here is my current break down 1 new time machine with dual networks, one time machine 802.11n, two apple expresses thanks to a great little e-book from the take control folks they are all playing nicely together. ...

Blog 2010

What has been happening 23-03-2010, 14:25 Permalink Well I am trying to keep up with things and be more mobile... trying to use MacJournal for the iPhone to keep on top of my blogging duties. So here I go life at Avaya is very different I am adjusting too it. We are planning a springbreak roadtrip to southern California next week woohoo. We had a ...

Blog 2009

Well Franken Mac is back.. 07-02-2009, 07:46 Permalink Well I did it, backup most of my data, then inserted my MAC OS X 10.5 DVD booted it up and did a erase and install on the entire OS! That took like 40 minutes. Then the restoration began copying my files back went without an issue! I am totally back (Okay I have to reinstall Final Cut Pro 2, ...


Okay it has been a couple of weeks since I updates the blog so here it goes. We had a great time at Jon and Jen's wedding (fast trip but good). I have posted all of the pictures I took at the wedding on the web our website.


I redid the web site so all of the family things ...


What is happening 26-01-2007, 14:14 Personal Permalink Okay we had the furnace go out during the snow storm (that was bad) for 4 days before Thomas Heating could get our new 92% eff. furnace installed (Thomas heating guys are no relation that we know of)! Joe Thomas and his partner Andy came in and did the install themselves for us. They did a great ...

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