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its been a bit of a nightmare the past 25 day 8 failed Libre 2 14 day sensors in a row average run time 2.5 days before they fail. that a total of 26 failures since 2/24/22.. my Night rider device that gives me auto updates to my iOS device for the Libre 2 devices (alarms, updates to Sue's phone and my doctor) fell apart on Monday as well so I am ...

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Well we had a septic issues requiring digging up of our septic system. We had to fix broken lines.. done removed things buried by the septic tank that damaged the old pipe system.. new drain field installed and hooked up to the tank. widen the drive way in one place, done.. Today got 12 more yards of road base delivered.. Spread out and leveled by ...

fun with Grandkids
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Happy 4th of July 2022

we had a great day, I went to our Ward 4th of July Breakfast provided our generator for power, cooked hash browns for all to eat.. Came home unloaded the generator power cables, cooking gear. Then started dinner for all of us 321 Ribs on on our Trager Smoker.. 6 racks of ribs, 3 different rubs. We had Will, Nikole, and Donna (Will's mom) Lambert. ...

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