Want a honest review of the new eero wifi gear? read on

Okay so I have a in house wifi network that had dark spots (poor data through put ). So I started reading up on new wifi technology I found EERO online and it looked pretty cool tech. So I bought a starter kit from Amazon ( 3 EERO's in a box) plus a single EERO just in case! The packaging is very very nicely done. you have to download the app for iOS or Android to setup your network. So out of the box they come, plugged in the one that said start here, disconnected my secureWiFI router from my FIOS connection (ethernet right from the side of the house), plug in the ethernet cable to the EERO from the access box on the side of the house, an ethernet cable back to my gig ethernet switch. It took about 10 minutes to setup the account and the first EERO, then went to installing the second one about 45 to 50 feet away (a few walls in the way of course). Plugged in the power to the EERO and another ethernet cable into another gig ethernet switch, waited for the blue light on the unit to blink and hit the proceed button in the EERO app on my iPhone 6s Plus and about 5 minutes or less the second unit was configured and working (very slick) went upstairs and plugged in the third EERO and waited for the blinking light and that one was configured as well, EERO says 3 units would cover your average home (nope I needed a fourth unit), so opened up the last box and plugged that unit in our bedroom waited for the blue light to blink and pushed proceed on the iOS app. I reattached all of the wifi and hardwired devices to the new network everything attached quickly except my daughter's iPad mini (not sure why it took like 8 minutes to connect). So the firmware was the earliest release on the software provided, it seems on Friday;s EERO push out updates automatically and updates their devices (that is really nice so you don't have to download software and update the devices manually). We have been using it for about 3 weeks now and it passes data very quickly ( I have an 100MB FIOS pipe) almost at wireline speed. I am planning to hardwire the last 2 EERO's to my network this weekend, since that was a recommend configuration on the web site. Over all I am a happy camper, now the cost is not cheep the units are about $100.00 each but overall they are worth the cost

2014 holidays are coming

So it is that time of year when I take stock of what has happened this year. The number one thing was the birth of our grand-twins in May that was amazing, now we had 4 other grandchildren that we love to death, so the space in my heart had to grow by 2. Now the grand twins are 6months or so old and cute as can be. The number two thing was at one point all of the live at home adult kids where all employed! Ok it is not that way now but for a brief time they where. The third thing is we re-did another bathroom in the house it came out great. the fourth thing is Susan and I are still together (ok really this ties the number one thing) after 30 plus years. even though our health is not what it once was we are still in love with each other. I still love my job for the most part. so life is good.

on a personal note I did lose 53 pounds, that has helped me on so many levels. I am down to 147 pounds. I am still attempting to walk more everyday.

for those in the Kirkland area our holiday light show is up and running, even during the wind storms (our snowmen have been knock around a bit, now they are staked to conduit that is in the ground 10 inches are so). the music and show changes weekly so drop by tune your FM radio to 91.5 and enjoy

Moving to a new webhosting service

after 8 years of using LittleOak Hosting we have parted ways. Their support and outages over the last year has been far to much for me to continue using there services. Say hello to Javabean Hosting (run by Greg B a great asset to the RapidWeaver Community). The service is great!  I only have one more site to move over then LittleOak is in the rear window.. So long LittleOak! PS: Javabean Hosting is much less per year in costs... 

Just another Saturday...

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